I blog to create my own world

February 24, 2023

garage studio
A photo of my garage and studio taken on January 2, 2023.

I blog to create my own world.

A world is a wide range of details orchestrated into something that feels like a place. I want my world to show you what I value, what I believe, what I worry about, and what I dream of. I want it to show you the things that were finished, and the things that were left unresolved.

Like a tomb from ancient Egypt, I want my blog to be a place that you dig up and examine long after I’m gone. I want it to be reviewed by my son, my friends, and by strangers.

I want my blog, my world, to remind me that I’m progressing. That I’m asking questions and exploring. That I’m still diving into new subjects. That I haven’t given up, and that I’m still living life with a sense of adventure.

I want to visit this blog to remember why I should keep going. I want to come here when I feel lost. When I need energy and new ideas.

This blog is my world and I want it to contain many things. I want it contain my ideas and my perspectives. The ones that were entirely wrong, and the ones that were ahead of their time.

I want this blog to show the little parts of my daily life. I want it to show how I aged. I want it to show how my voice changed as I got older. It should show my favourite restaurant. There should be photographs and videos of me with my friends, working on projects. In this world there should be many mediums. There should be essays, music, films, and software. This world should show my projects, as well as my analyses of them.

This world should contain the conflicts in my mind. How I struggled with them, and how I overcame them. I want this world to capture how I felt when something changed. Like when a friend moved away, or when someone I love passed on.

I want this world to be honest, and not promotional. I want this world to be valuable to others, both now, and long into the future.

I want this world to show the way I am trying to live, and I want it to bring me back to life when I’m gone.