Completing projects is always valuable

Completing projects is always valuable
A photo of good friends while working on a film in Alaska in 2015.

One of the things I’ve learned is that, completing a project is always valuable.

Completing projects has introduced me to new subjects, new places, and to inspiring people. All of the new opportunities in my life have come to me when I completed a project. Even if I don’t know how a project will be valuable when I start it, once I complete it, it always ends up being valuable. Even when people try to tell me that completing a project won’t be valuable, once I complete it, it always is.

When I first started working on films, no one would hire me, so I started making documentary films for free and paid for expenses myself. Even when I completed projects for free, they still ended up being valuable. I learned how to tell a good story, I met people who could help me make more films, and those projects I did for free opened many new opportunities, which dictated the next 10 years of my life.

When I wanted to start making software, I didn’t raise any money, or overcomplicate things. I decided to just try writing code every day to see what I might learn. I used the limited skills I had to make tools for myself and for others as best as I could. They weren’t the greatest, but the tools had a unique vision.

At the time, many were asking me why I was writing code, instead of making films. I was worried I was wasting my time. That my efforts wouldn’t be valuable. But through consistent output, I earned the respect of talented software creators who were willing to guide me and share their perspectives. Writing code every day led to the creation of my startup, Futureland, and led to meeting my co-founder Lucas.

All of the projects I’ve completed in the past inform the projects I will complete in the future. The things I’ve learned while completing projects in other mediums, all naturally show up in the projects I complete today.

Completing projects makes me more disciplined and it expands my skills, which helps me complete more projects. When I complete a project, I learn about my strengths and my weaknesses. I learn about who I am and who I’m not.

When I complete a project, I feel alive. It gives my life purpose and a sense of adventure.